Secret Graces by Kathryn Magendie

Virginia Kate Carey is home in her mountains, going through the letters and memories of her past. Her mother, Katie Ivene, left a legacy of broken lives behind her, and Virginia Kate seeks to put the pieces together in this second volume of the Graces Saga.

In Secret Graces, Virginia Kate remembers her youth, her first love, her first marriage, and the promises she made and broke. As a young woman, she swears she won’t make the mistakes of her womenkin, but she can never hush the voices of her past. Her mother and grandmother are in her blood, and her grandmother’s voice whispers through the wind and trees with premonitions and warnings.

Whereas Tender Graces moved with the magical rhythm of a child’s perception, Secret Graces carries a more somber tone. Magendie leads you into the Louisiana nights where love thunders on a storm like the power of a young woman, who is testing the limits of her strength. And in the end, we see the person Virginia Kate has become, a woman of uncommon depth, who knows her needs and is secure in her power over men.

Magendie’s prose is sensual and she illustrates the life-course of a child of an alcoholic with unerring aim. Like Tender Graces, Magendie doesn’t pull her punches; she shows you the mother/daughter relationship in all its ugly glory. Yet even in the moments of the deepest heartache, Magendie never lets you lose hope.

A powerful writer and one to watch is North Carolina’s Kathryn Magendie. She is the storyteller of our lives . . .

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