The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, The Complete Maus is a must have in the collection of any serious lover of graphic novels. The story of Art Spiegelman recording his father’s memories of being persecuted by the Nazi Regime during World War II is told in stunning detail in this magnificent graphic novel. The black and white drawings have the fine detail of etchings as Vladek and Anja’s story is lovingly immortalized with the Jews represented as mice and the Germans represented as cats. I especially liked the way the novel journeyed from past to present with smooth, believable transitions, including the on-again, off-again relationship between Vladek and his second wife, Mala, as they are drawn toward one another more because of their past suffering than because of their present love.

Vladek carries many emotional scars from his past that bleed over into his day to day life, and Art honestly conveys the trauma of his mother’s suicide on himself and his father. History is recreated in the most personal way possible, through the lives of real people, and I highly recommend The Complete Maus to anyone.

My Rating:  

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