Tales from the Farm – Essex County Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire

A sweet tale, sweetly told is Tales from the Farm.  Lemire tells Lester’s story almost entirely through the nuanced illustrations of this black and white graphic novel, the dialogue is spare, but every word has meaning.  Lester wears a cape and mask to hide himself from the world when his mother dies and he goes to live with his Uncle Ken, but the only thing Lester and his uncle Ken have in common is a love of hockey.  Lester dreams of drawing comics and fighting evil space aliens bent on destroying earth, so when Jimmy LeBeuf gives Lester a comic at the gas station one day, Lester’s life starts to change.  Tales from the Farm follows the intertwined relationship of Uncle Ken, Lester, and Jimmy over the course of year, beginning in the summer and ending in the spring. An absolute master of the subtleties of black and white shading, Lemire’s drawings convey moods and emotions by the minute changes to the character’s eyes or the simple mannerisms exhibited in a frame.

If you would like a preview, visit topshelfcomix.com and be sure to have your sound on for the music.

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One thought on “Tales from the Farm – Essex County Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire

  1. This little book was just charming. The loneliness and isolation Lester felt, even while riding on a school bus full of other children, or sitting at the dinner table with his Uncle Ken was conveyed to perfection with a few simple line drawings. You could feel Uncle Ken struggling to reach out to Lester and his feeling of helplessness when he couldn’t bridge the space between them. As the Dragon said so well, a sweet tale, sweetly told.

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