Okko: the Cycle of Water by Hub

Another in the “James Library Gets Graphic” series is Okko: the Cycle of Water a delightfully drawn tale well told. When the Inn at Kappa is raided by pirates and the geisha, Little Carp is abducted, her young brother Tikku enlists the aid of the Ronin (masterless Samurai) Master Okko and his companions, Noburo, and the inebriated monk, Noshin. Set in the mythical Empire of Pajan during a period that closely mirrors medieval Japan, Okko resurrects good, old fashioned story telling as Hub chronicles the adventures of the quartet on their ten day journey to solve the mystery of Little Carp’s abduction.

The artwork is not soft, fuzzy manga, but is drawn with strong lines that competently convey this is an adult graphic novel. The subtle shifts of color used within the pages of Okko carry the reader from one scene to another flawlessly encapsulating the mood of each scene. Hub’s combination of excellent story, great dialogue, beautiful art, and memorable characters make Okko: the Cycle of Water a graphic novel you’ll want read and re-read. I’m already thirsty for the next installment, Okko: the Cycle of Earth.

My Rating: 

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