Batman: the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller (Author), Lynn Varley (Colorist), Klaus Janson (Illustrator)

Well, Wild Things, the James Library got graphic and the Book Dragon loves graphic [my wicked life . . . hehe] so reviews from the Dragon will be graphic for a while. It was hard to pick favorites, so I’ll start them in alphabetical order with Batman: the Dark Knight Returns.

Batman is my favorite “superhero” simply because Bruce Wayne is the ultimate antihero; an emotionally scarred man who earnestly believes he can make a difference, but interestingly enough only creates more chaos in his wake. With no miraculous super powers, Bruce Wayne relies on his own technology, ingenuity, and physical strength to carry out justice on Gotham’s dark streets. But the Batman is getting older, it’s more difficult to out-brawl the villains threatening Gotham, and there is no successor to the Batman, even Robin is gone – well, at first, anyway.

Frank Miller does an astounding job with the artwork and storyline resurrecting the Dark Knight from his ten year hiatus and giving him a new, feisty Robin drawn in tight panels that are so inflamed with activity and color they leave you reeling. While the story of Batman’s return to stifle Gotham City’s crime wave plays out, other panels highlight a media blitz that blares in the background like CNN on an acid trip. Definitely not a relaxing read, Batman captures the media’s need to milk every second from the world’s catastrophes intertwined with the violence that results from Batman’s vigilante justice.  Bravo, to the excellent team that put this graphic novel together!

My Rating:

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