The Killer’s Wife by Bill Floyd

This is Floyd’s first book, and unfortunately it shows.  The plot centers on Leigh Wren, mother of a young son and ex-wife of a serial murderer who is sitting on death row.  After moving to Cary, NC to start a new life, Leigh is accosted one day in the grocery store by the father of one of her ex-husband’s victims.  She and her son are exposed to their new community, while at the same time a new killer is emerging, focusing on victims tied to Leigh’s former life.  I have a dislike for books written from a female perspective by a male writer.  Maybe that’s not fair, and I’m sure there are exceptions, but to me they never really ring true.  The characters here are fairly one-dimensional, the writing a bit pedestrian, and the plot reminiscent of a movie-of-the-week.  Not totally awful, but not that great either.

My Rating: 

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