Geek Love by Katherine Dunn

Moving can have very real benefits such as when I opened a box of long forgotten books and rediscovered Geek Love.  From the moment that Olympia Binewski opens her tale all the way to the twisted end, I could not put this book down, not the first time I read it, nor the second time, nor for what is now the third time.  Olympia (Oly) is a hunchback albino dwarf, one of the more “untalented” children born of “Crystal Lil” and Al Binewski, who in an effort to revive Binewski’s Fabulon, create their own family of freaks with the aid of illicit drugs and other questionable means.  Arturo the Aquaboy and Elly and Iffy the Siamese twins are the real stars of the show, but it is Oly who tells a profane familial tale of Shakespearian envy, greed, love, and murder with such stark honesty that this story will ratchet itself into your brain and not let go. The horrors that Oly exhibits for us aren’t about the revulsion of being a side-show freak; instead she shows us how the dreadful ramifications of our actions can bring about a downfall, even when those actions are committed in the name of love.  This one is high on my list of all time favorite novels.

My rating:

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