Mary Modern by Camille DeAngelis

 I just hate it when a book starts out so well and then ultimately disappoints.  Although I don’t consider myself a science fiction fan, I am attracted to time-travel themes (think Time Traveler’s Wife or The House on the Strand).  In this take on the theme, Lucy Morrigan, a young genetic researcher, successfully clones her grandmother, Mary, from genetic material she finds on a bloodstained apron in her attic.   Lucy expected to give birth to a newborn Mary, but instead brings forth a fully grown Mary, dazed and confused, aged 22.

Assuming you can buy into the idea that Lucy could clone a human being in her basement, it is fascinating reading when Mary wakes up and realizes that she is in her familiar house, but many years have passed and everyone she knew is dead.  At this point, I couldn’t help thinking that this might be the first book to go into my “Loved it” category.  Unfortunately, DeAngelis lost me about three fourths of the way through, with the addition of a religious zealot obsessed with forcing Lucy to clone Jesus, abrupt plot twists, and even more improbable events.  All in all a good book, but not quite good enough to say I loved it.

My rating:

3 thoughts on “Mary Modern by Camille DeAngelis

  1. WARNING: Possible Spoilers

    Well Michelle, I had the same confusion myself about the possibility that Lucy was also cloned (from her mother?). Her father was a scientist and did have the “sim womb” conveniently downstairs in the cellar. As for Mary being pregnant, the test she took said “yes” and then the book ended. Made me think the author might have wanted to leave open the possibility for a sequel. These confusing plot twists are one of the things that disappointed me about the book.

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